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Another silent killer which has known to affect over 7 million lives in Pakistan is Diabetes Mellitus. Now a leading cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world, Diabetes is a growing concern which requires careful monitoring, regulation and medication.
Senior Blood Glucose Monitoring System MM3000 enables you to effectively and conveniently monitor your blood glucose levels so that you can take the necessary steps to improve and maintain your health.
A healthy person lives life to the fullest and completes what he sets out for!
With Senior HealthCheck you can further explore articles on diabetes that will help you regulate your glucose levels as well as maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle

According to the ISO 15197:2013 standard, 95% of all bG results must be ±15 mg/dL of the laboratory reference when bG levels are below 100 mg/dL. At bG levels above 100 mg/dL, 95% of all bG results must be within ±15% of the laboratory reference.

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