Warranty Inspection

Health is one aspect of our lives which cannot be compromised on at any single point in time. Therefore we, at Senior Healthcare take the quality of our products very seriously to ensure they continue to perform at the expected level with accuracy and precision.

We invest a lot of our efforts on research and development, not only in terms of our products but also our services. We always aim for the best in whatever we do and strive to evolve with the needs of the time so that our customers use the finest products with the latest technology. Customer satisfaction is pivotal to our success.

Our Quality Promise

Our factories around the world comply with the International Standard Organization Standard. Where necessary, our products are registered with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, guaranteeing the quality standards needed and promised.

Before you call us for Inspection

Before sending your unit for inspection, we recommend you read the troubleshooting section in your instruction manual or detailed guidebook. If you have lost your guidebook you can download an e-version from our website. This section describes error indicators and common troubleshooting tips that may assist you in using your unit.

For troubleshooting assistance or the service address please contact Consumer Care. Our representatives are trained to provide you assistance over the phone and may be able to resolve your problem without sending the unit for inspection. For the best possible assistance please have your unit available when calling us.
Consumer Support: 033-33- SENIOR (736467)
Monday through Friday 09:00am to 06:00pm Pakistan Standard Time.
Listed below is general information for all units requiring inspection service:

  • For warranty information refer to the instruction manual provided with your unit.
  • Return the unit with all the component pieces to your nearest Senior Healthcare authorized
    pharmacies. For a complete list of our pharmacies please click here.
  • For warranty service enclose the proof of purchase. The proof of purchase is your purchase
    receipt with the date of purchase.
  • For an estimate of the cost for a unit or component no longer covered under the original
    warranty, request an estimate on the letter enclosed with your return.
  • Enclose a letter with your return that includes the following information:
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Phone Number including the Area Code
  • Model Number

A brief description of the service request or explanation of the problem you are experiencing with your unit.