Product Range

A&D UA-651 Blood Pressure Monitor

The UA-651 benefits from many of the features developed by A&D for professional clinical use. A&D for professional clinical use. It is supplied with the Latex and metal free, Slim Fit act Cuff, giving the user a more comfortable experience. It’s also clinically validated to the world recognized European Hypertension Society (ESH) guidelines, providing IHB (Irregular Heartbeat)/Circadian Rhythm analysis technology) to alert you abnormal heart rhythm.

A&D UA-704 Blood Pressure Monitor

The A&D UA-704 blood pressure monitor is designed with comfort and accuracy in mind. The cuff is wipe-clean with no latex, meaning it is virtually allergy-free. With simple one-button operation and manual inflation using the bulb included with the monitor, taking a reading couldn’t be easier. The irregular heartbeat indicator will warn you if there is a potential arrhythmia

UA-1020 Premier BP Monitor

The UA-1020 Premier Blood Pressure Monitor improves upon all of the innovations A&D Medical has created since we were founded back in 1977 and includes the ability to screen for AFib (Atrial Fibrillation) in a single measurement

  • Advanced inflation technology for quicker measurement
  • SmoothFit cuff™ (patent pending) for improved comfort, covering 17cm to 32cm
  • TriCheck ™ mode for automatic 3 reading average
  • 90 reading memory with AM/PM and overall average for NICE compliance
  • All readings timed and dated
  • Irregular Heartbeat indication / Atrial Fibrillation screening feature

UA-704 Semi Auto Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The UA-704 is a palm top monitor, designed to fit your arm and allow for easy and comfortably operability without any constriction. Its portable size and battery power operability means you have monitoring on the go when you need it. Like our other units, it features an Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) indicator

UB-525 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The UB-525 is your travel partner: Its sleek and lightweight design, means this monitor goes where you do, in your travel bag or office drawer, helping you take fully automated measurements on the go. It’s large 3-fold display, 60 reading memory and average reading function and Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) indicator mean it got substance to match all that style.

A&D Medical UT-801 Multi-Functional Infrared

This Infrared (IR) temperature recording technology thermometer offers 4 measurement modes – ear, forehead, surface and room, ideal for one second measurements in the age of Covid-19. It’s perfectly suited to use for babies, children and adults and provides an audible fever alarm above 37.5 Celsius or 99.5 Fahrenheit

UC-502 Digital Precision Bathroom Scale

The A&D UC-502 Precision Bathroom Digital Scale comes with precision sensors to instantly delivery accurate results within 100g. The latest SENSE ON technology provides results by simply stepping on the scale. And it’s stylish, lightweight and with a tempered glass plate, beyond durable. Plus, with a rating of up to 180kg/400 lb, its stronger than strong