Product Range

Our medical diapers for adults are designed with comfort, dependability and discretion in mind. Whether using briefs or pullups (designed to look like your own underwear), they all feature Super Absorbent Technology to instantly absorb wetness and help lock away moisture for dry, comfortable protection. They also offer an Odour Neutralizer System and are completely leak proof. You can always trust our products for superior performance.

Adult Diapers

Skin Friendly: Designed to ensure the top layer remains dry for a longer period of time preventing skin irritation, rashes and other skin discomforts
More Flexible: Elastic band, provides comfortable waist adjustment preventing tightness and uneasiness.

Product Info
Adult Diapers come in three different sizes:

Medium 28 – 44 Inches
Large 40 – 60 Inches
Extra-Large 52 – 68 Inches

Pull Ups

Designed to look like your own underwear, Senior adult pullups provide reliable, soft and comfortable incontinence protection for active males and females. Suitable for moderate to high incontinence Senior Pull ups will help you stay confident, work normally and smile.

  • Acquisition distribution layers and containment zones help provide extra protection
  • Breathable, soft and cloth like fabric reduces irritation for skin and improves comfort
  • Easy removal via side panels
  • Wetness indicator indicates level of usage
Medium 24-33 inches
Large 29.5-39 inches
Extra-Large 39-55 inches

Dignity Sheet/Under Pads

Senior Dignity Sheets and Under Pads are disposable absorbent products designed to provide secondary leakage protection to furniture and other surfaces, by locking in wetness with their moisture-proof barrier. Their triple layer, extra strong construction even makes them stretch and tear resistant, even under strain of wetness, while a quilted top layer provides the utmost comfort. Can also be used to protect furniture from house pets such as cats and dogs.

Product Info

  • Size: 24 x 36 Inches
  • 3 Absorbent Layers
  • Quilted Top Layer for Comfort and Softness
  • Protects Beds and Chairs